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Tanzania People Profit Spirit

The 10 day Tanzania-journey is a “people-profit-spirit" program, aimed at meeting people involved in small business entrepeneur ship in Tanzania.

For whom?
This week is for all that seek to develop themselves.

By whom?
Niko Stammes and Henk de Koning in cooperation with Vin Morar and Isaac Shapiro.

The journey will take place in spring 2010

The journey will cost around € 5.000,=.
This includes flight, lodging, boarding, safari, coaching and guidance.

More information?
More information can be found in “Tanzania 2010 People-Profit-Spirit” .
We also invite you to our informative "Mwzungu Gatherings".

"Mwzungu Gatherings": via mail or phone (06 - 534.90.437).
Jouney: via mail

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